About Cohesive

Cohesive is a brand and digital agency that ignites creative passion with technology. We believe that the experience between people and brands can create lasting relationships for both. We develop these experiences for clients, partners and friends.

We're here because we want to help brands become more cohesive. Seamlessly connecting creative and technology to engage brands with their users in new and exciting ways. Whether it's online or on the page, we connect with people.

At Cohesive, you'll work directly with the team working on your project. We think of ourselves as your team. There aren't sales people or administrative layers between you and your team. Find out what it's like to have a Cohesive team.

Since 2008, we have been working with new technologies and innovative creative techniques to engage users. We are inspired by the challenge that innovation brings, uniting brands and delighting users.

We'll work with you to help you find the answer that best solves the problem — it might be a website or an ad campaign or a logo or a mobile app — or it might be something else entirely. And we're okay with that — actually, we're excited by it.

Connecting brands and users can be a challenge, but it has to work. It has to help solve the problem. We don't think of it as work when we're making a difference for brands and users. We like the challenge.


Arend Miller

Partner // Code

Neal White

Partner // Code

Mike Tyer

Partner // Creative

What We Do

  • Brand

    Identity, Brand Strategy, Brand Platform

  • Design

    Creative, Messaging, Advertising

  • Retail

    Packaging, Product Design, E-commerce

  • Interactive

    Digital Engagement, Platforms, Strategy

  • Mobile

    iOS, Android, Web

  • Video

    Motion Graphics, Web Video

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Call us at (319) 273-8066
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