About Cohesive

Curious Creatives Ready To Roll Up Our Sleeves

We provide branding, UI/UX design, digital strategy, and full-stack development services across all platforms.

Small Team. Big Impact.

We have small team agility but big agency impact. We push boundaries and ideas to develop creative marketing solutions.

Our Values

Who we are and what we aim to be are both deeply ingrained in our core values. Together they are the north star that helps us move in the right direction.

1. Be real
We’re honest and authentic, and always opt for transparency. We do the right thing, not the easy thing.
2. Take your shot
We’re not afraid to take risks, to push boundaries, and advance the conversation. You don’t hire us to play it safe.
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3. Find a way
We approach challenges with optimism, we focus on solutions, and we keep moving forward.
4. Ideas over egos
We believe the best ideas should win, not the loudest voices. Our Midwestern roots keep us humble, our passion keeps us learning.
5. Enjoy the ride
We create work and build relationships that we can be proud of. We celebrate wins and we prioritize balance.
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Our Team
If we say we'll do something, we will. If we say we're good at something, we are. When you choose Cohesive, our team becomes your team, and we show an unrelenting commitment to your success.
Neal White
Neal White
CEO, Developer
Alex Cue
Alex Cue
Head of Design
Avery Gardner
Avery Gardner
Art Director
We're Hiring
We're Hiring
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