If you want to be relevant, you'd better stand for something.

Cohesive is a partner to bold brands.

Believe it or not

Doing good is good for business.

The next generation of successful brands will be those who embrace social impact as a part of their core purpose. We want to work with those brands.


Social Impact Success Blueprint

Know yourself.

If it isn't true, it won't work. It's really that simple.

Social impact marketing centers around what you value as a brand. Not sure how to capture that? That's okay, we can help.

But make it about them.

Knowing why people choose your brand is a marketing superpower.

Simply put: where your brand values intersect with those of your customers is where you will make the most impact. Finding that sweet spot is our specialty.

Speak up. Stand out.

Take a bold stance, and empower your audience to make a change.

You can't be afraid to stand for something. If you want to start a movement, you have to engage and give people a way to participate.

It's okay to talk about results.

Measuring reach and success is always critical.

Investing in social impact builds brand equity and strengthens consumer relationships. But how does this translate to your company's bottom-line?

Our Expertise

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